Jim Morrison
And the doors
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Although it looks like we were half drunk and having a great time which we were! There were also moments of complete silence. It was a very strange emotional day!
But please don't email back with a "How could you guys do that?!" okay...
We were young... dumb... and half drunk! So back off will ya!
But then again..... Jim wouldn't have it any other way now would he!!
Hope you enjoy it... tommy
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Click photo above to read the story behind our visit to the gravesite

It's pretty cool reading if you've got the time...
It's funny how sometimes things are just meant to be...
That's me... Tommy Mondello watering the grass with a little beer
while hanging out in a park that was a former volcano in Naples, Italy....
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No one here gets out alive...
Drinkin' beers in Italy!!
I want YOU to take the tour and...RUN WITH ME...
Proud to be a part of this number
Tommy Raw
No Way That Just Happened

A blog that will entertain
the fuck outta you!
From your pal tommy mondello
Now view the tour & listen to Jim being interviewed while watching! This is a still photo video... hope you enjoy it... tommy

Tommy Mondello 1981 and his doorsmobile!